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ADM has carefully selected a benefits package to provide you with quality employee benefits which are essential to all of our employees and their families.

  • Health Insurance: Anthem Access Blue New England HMO Plan
  • Prescription Insurance: Anthem Prescription Drug Plan
  • Employee Assistance Program: Anthem Employee Assistance Program
  • Dental Insurance: NEDelta Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance: NEDelta Vision Insurance
  • Disability Insurance: Sunlife Short Term Disability Insurance
  • Vacation Paid Time Off: 1 to 3 years = 2 weeks vacation; 3 to 5 years = 2.5 weeks of vacation; 5+ years = 3 weeks of vacation
  • Sick Paid Time Off: 1 week of sick days per year
  • Holiday Paid Time Off: 10 Paid Holidays per year
  • 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan through Morgan Stanley Investments (100% matching)
  • Free Legal Services through
  • Employee Scholar Program: Reimbursement of tuition
For more detailed information, please see our Benefits Booklet.
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Industries ADM Serves

Alternative Energy
Homeland Security
Fluid Management
Food Service
Medical/Life Science
Process Manufacturing
Pulp & Paper
Roadway Infrastructure
Scientific Research