ADM are manufacturers of complex electro-mechanical assemblies, harnesses, and cables.

Established in 1990, Advanced Design & Manufacturing, with over 20 years experience, has provided intelligent and thoughtful contract manufacturing of complete machines, electro-mechanical assemblies, harnesses, and cables to a wide array of industries.

We are dedicated to continuously improving engineering services with our design and documentation capabilities, full turn-key contract manufacturing, and complete functional testing. We invite you to explore what ADM can do for you!

Advanced Design & Manufacturing's full turn-key manufacturing, production, and prototyping services offer large cost savings to your project. Using a full service company guarantees greater quality control and quicker lead times, which helps in budgets and the total logistics of very complex projects.

Welcome to Advanced Design & Manufacturing. How may we help?

"We have had a very positive experience working with ADM. They are responsive to our requests and flexible when it comes to meeting our needs. They even provide in-house support on short notice. "

- Ray Cahoon
Manufacturing Manager, TEL Epion